Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meet Wilson

This is our friend Wilson, he's 15 and fantastic. Yes, he's wearing a pink necklace, but he's a guy and we really like him. He's learning to speak English and loves practicing the things he has learned, some of which he's picked up from the village and we are deterring him from! He's a great kid though and I feel like he is my own because I really want him to do well and continue in school and become the pilot/cop/lawyer that he wants to be...but the obstacles ahead of him just make me want to cry. There is so much to overcome. My heart breaks for these kids, for the lives they have already lived, for the things that they face in the years to come. I want to take each of them and just show them how special they are, how much they are loved, for them to truly understand that they are so is quite a task and one I wish I could fully accomplish.

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Shauna... Journey 2007 said...

I love this boy.... On movie night ( Feb. 8th ) Wilson, Atkinson, Migalito and I all watched together.... that was amazing!!!!