Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Candace and I have had an exciting couple of days! I was staying with her in a friends house in Montellano that she is house-sitting. Well, we had fun cleaning up puppy poo (from 2 new puppies) and deciding that we will NEVER have puppies in our house, nor any animals for that matter! So then it started raining, and when it rains here...it RAINS! The water was rising higher and higher outside the house and we had no choice but to start bucketing water onto the street, otherwise it would have flooded the house as it has done in the past (and is even more of a hassle). Needless to say we were soaked through and through only to get back in the house and find we were out of water to shower. We rememdied that after a few minutes of filling the tinaco (water-holder that sits on top of the house) from the cistern and were in business.

Waiting patiently, soaked, for the water to fill up for the house.

After a tough weekend of caring for the animals (2 cats too!) we decided we needed a trip to the beach, and being only 15 minutes from it, we were off! It was a bit of a disturbing ride on public transport, sitting next to a prostitute-my eyes were opened wide as to the need and despair that exists here.
As we were walking onto the beach scoping a nice spot to spend the day, there began a lot of hussle towards the water. A man had been seen bobbing in the water and so a group rushed out and pulled him in. They tried CPR on him for several minutes, but he was already dead. It was horrible and hard to believe it had happened just a few feet from the beach where all the people were sunbathing, literally right before our eyes. The wife of the guy that died was in total shock which was fully understandable but hard to watch. How we never know what the day before us holds, lessons learned.
Candace and I continued onto the beach and were so baffled by the strange events of the day that 2 hours later, with no sunscreen, we left with some nice red bodies! I still hurt and it is 2 days later. We have been using Solarcaine, after sun, and aloe, but relief has yet to come. Hopefully soon we will be feeling better, but I fear peeling is the next stage. I will be wearing LOTS of sunscreen on my next beach visit.

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