Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We went to Caraballo yesterday for a day trip to take care of some things, and it was lovely as usual. I am so excited about moving there and getting set up. It's going to be amazing! Still trying to figure out dates and the timing of it all, but it looks like I should be up there the first week of February...but as things go, that may change! As far as plans, well, they are extremely fluid at the moment until I know when my stuff will clear customs and I find a place to live, etc. Candace and I will be housemates, which I'm really excited about. I met her in December and she's from Canada, also working in the village. Hopefully it'll all come together soon, day by day! Lots of things to do around in Jarabacoa though as I've been working at the school and with other health programs developing ideas and forms and plans!

As motorcycles are the main means of transportation, most things are done by motor, including moving your washing machine!

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