Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fantastic friends

It has been an amazing month to catch up with old friends! This afternoon I got to get coffee (why do we say that when neither of us had coffee??!!) with my old friend Aaron. It was fantastic to sit and chat and catch up on the years. It's great just being able to pick right up where we left off and carry on talking, feels like we've stayed in touch forever. I've reconnected with so many friends from high school this month, I look forward to staying in touch and really knowing what happens in their lives. I've realized how much I love just to sit and talk and hear from people, really share in their lives and know what is going on. I've learned how important listening is and seeing people's hearts and the joy in KNOWING others. Lots of lessons I continue to learn. A few more Oregon days to pack in more friend and family visits, then it's back to the Dominican Republic!

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