Thursday, January 25, 2007


We made an overnight trip to Caraballo Monday night which was another nice trip. Monday we caught up on all the happenings, drove around Puerto Plata, and made a 10 min. stop on the beach (had to!). Tuesday was filled with sponsorship things, reading letters to the kids from their sponosors and getting responses back. It really is something I'm beginning to enjoy as it is the connection between the sponsor and the child, opening up the world to both of them. There is something so amazing about these kids, I am drawn to them and love spending time with them. The school cook was out, so another teacher and some helpers made lunch...and I got to join in. Ever made rice for 150 people? The quantities are fun to learn about!

I had a look an a possible apt and am very excited about getting moved in if it all works out. Still waiting for stuff to clear customs, but in the meantime I will be moving there and living with the director of the school and his family for a few weeks. Any time spent in the village is so precious, I wish you all to come and learn and share in it!

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