Friday, November 10, 2006

Que dia!

THIS is why I became a nurse! Yesterday was so amazing! We went to a remote little village called Boma and did walk through house-to-house vaccinations. What a day. We started at the school and did the 15 kids that were there, then moved on for our big walk. We walked for hours and hours through little paths, up hills, and even had to cross a massive river (keep scrolling for photos). The people we met were incredible, all wanting us to sit and talk and share with them.
So this is the real Public Health Nurse Jessi, vaccinating a person on a donkey!! He just rode along the path, I vaccinated him, gave him a band-aid, and off he road! The views from the hills we climbed were so beautiful.

These are some of the people we met throughout the day. The lady on the top left was so special. She said she had a dream the night before that visitors were coming, so she went to her honeycomb and saved some honey just in we got to eat it, still on the comb. It was so good! It was nice to just sit and chat and love on these people!

The places we gave shots at were so funny. We saw someone on our walk that needed a shot, they got one, regardless of if they were on their motorcycle (top left) or driving a herd of cattle, they got vaccinated. We even had time for a little triage and first aid!

This is the river that we crossed to get to an even smaller village called Ovenda. It was fantastic! I held onto the vaccines (blue box) and the yellow box (cardboard, mind you, crossing a river!) was cardboard so had to be well guarded. The water went almost all the way up my jeans, but it was so worth it. The little village was so beautiful with views and people that I'll never forget. After walking for hours in the heat and collecting a good amount of sweat, crossing the river wasn't so bad, nevermind what was probably in it! I wish I could have shared this day with was EXACTLY the kind of day I needed and reminded me of the reasons I became a nurse and all that is ahead for me.

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Kevin Zemanek said...


A friend passed along your blog entries to me. The church I attend ( has had a relationship with the DR since 1991 and sends mission teams down every 2 years, most recently in 2005. I was part of that team and helped dig the footings for the newest building at Boma. It was good to see your pictures of the site and to see Domasso. He's quite a guy. The Dominicans are a special people. May God bless you in your work.