Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Another brilliant week in Caraballo. My heart is truly there, I just love it so much and it is such an amazing place for me to be. I stayed a week there and got to be involved in a lot, learn a lot, and see a lot. The big project over the last few months has been building a new kitchen and cafeteria, which was mostly finished this weekend. The big move happened Monday, and the new class of 25 little 4 year olds started today. It was such a nice time to be there, to experience the excitement of the growth in the school, to dream about future plans for it, and to be a part of it all. I managed to fit in a few hour trip to the beach which was so welcomed and appreciated after being hot and sweaty! I stayed two nights with Alberto and Lidya and their kids, he's the director of the school, but it was a really nice time with them, they are such special people to me. I truly feel blessed being in Caraballo, surrounded by such great people, kids, work, and support!

Some of the incredible faces of the kids.

The new class starting today and eating in the new cafeteria. I have been trying to learn to drink Dominican coffee, and one of the teachers was helping to show me how!

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